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I offer a full consultation of your crime story manuscript.

This includes a full read-through of your manuscript for police procedure accuracy. I will give you suggestions on how to correct anything that may not be accurate and offer alternatives to your story.

This service includes a one-on-one video consultation. 

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Sonja J Day

I had zero experience or connections with law enforcement and hit walls when asking for help from local departments. Then, I connected with Patrick. He helped me sort through procedures and scenarios, and he leant his advice on what outdated situations could still slide through with a modicum of realism. He had insight into how the police force would interact with other agencies. He brainstormed with me about ways to get specific help from local departments, recommended resources to delve deeper, and even provided some advice about an Irish character with roots in the Northern conflict. It's fair to say that, without his help, my story would possess the authenticity of a cheesy '80s cop show.


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