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Cops and Writers:
From the Academy to the Street

Are you a civilian crime writer who wants to use picture perfect law enforcement details? Do you worry that your mystery novel or screenplay lacks credibility? Fiction and nonfiction author Sergeant Patrick O’Donnell has seen it all in his 24 years working for one of the largest police departments in the country. Now he’s here to help your writing honor the men and women who risk their lives in the line of duty.

Cops and Writers: From the Academy to the Street is your in-depth field guide for navigating the path from new recruit to seasoned patrol officer. Through O’Donnell’s accounts, you’ll get up close and personal with day-to-day challenges and out-of-the-ordinary emergencies including homicides, hostage situations, and bomb threats. Armed with this invaluable resource for decoding police jargon, tactics, and standard-issue gear, you’ll be well equipped to breathe new life into your stories.

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Cops and Writers:
Crime Scenes and Investigations

It would be a crime to botch the important details about police procedure in your next novel or screenplay. Let Sgt. Patrick O’Donnell take you behind the yellow tape, into crime scenes with the officers and detectives who investigate them.

Sgt. O’Donnell worked in one of the nation’s largest police departments for 25 years. He has been in charge of thousands of crime scenes and investigations, including homicides, sexual assaults, and robberies. Now an author, he’s here to help you write the best crime-related novel or screenplay possible.

Cops And Writers: Crime Scenes And Investigations gives you invaluable insight into how law enforcement officers investigate and solve crimes. Sgt. O’Donnell takes you down the path from the start of an investigation to clearing the crime. Through O’Donnell’s jaw-dropping personal accounts, you’ll get up close and personal with processing a crime scene, crime trends and patterns, interviews and interrogations, and what it takes to get inside the head of a criminal to get a confession. Using your newfound knowledge of investigations, your sleuth will be ready to take on the toughest adversary and bring them to justice.