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Technical consultant for crime and police procedure authors and screenwriters.

Welcome to my website. I'm a professional author and a police sergeant in one of the largest cities in the United States.  I believe I have a unique insight to help you write more authentic and accurate crime stories.

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The 4th book is out now!

Officer Michael Collins has proven himself to be a valuable member of the district five late shift team and has finally been accepted by his colleagues.

He earned their respect with the quick thinking that saved a shooting victim’s life. However, just when he thought everything was running smoothly, Collins finds all aspects of his life veering wildly off course.

The specter of internal affairs is looming once again, and Collins is forced to defend himself against criminal allegations that could get him fired and sent to prison.

As if the threat of prison wasn't enough complication, Collins is presented with a moral dilemma that no law enforcement officer ever wants to confront.

Add in the sudden and shocking death of one of their own and serious changes in his personal life, and Collins finds himself at the center of a perfect storm that threatens his happiness and career.

While trying to avoid being dragged into his partner’s personal business, the chance encounter with a ghost from his past throws Collins’ plans into jeopardy.

As his relationship is reaching the critical point where he and his girlfriend are considering spending the rest of their lives together, he is presented with a choice that has the potential to derail their future.

Can Collins stay the course long enough to weather the storm? Or will he be left clutching straws when his life falls apart?

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Officer Michael Collins passed probation and is now an official member of district five late shift.

But not everyone in this unbreakable group of cops is welcoming him with open arms.

Collins is still a rookie in the eyes of many of his peers. He is constantly trying to prove himself worthy. He is, however, gaining allies, including two new officers he bonded with and a few sergeants who have his back.

A new partner who is going through her own struggles and the ghost of a previous fling give Collins has a renewed optimism about his job and his shift.

That optimism could be misplaced…

Collins almost doesn’t survive his first New Year’s Eve on late shift in the most violent part of town.

The rookie cop comes within a few feet of becoming the victim of a blue-on-blue shooting and is pushed to breaking point during a hostage situation involving a small child held at gunpoint.

Off-duty, Collins’ love life is heating up with the nurse he has fallen for.

Their future is looking rosy until a mistimed gesture of affection that is misunderstood threatens to derail their newfound relationship.

Between the ghosts of his past, the nonstop pressure of his job, and the start—or maybe sudden end—of his love life, will Collins have what it takes to achieve balance and stay the course?

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Patrick O'Donnell is the product of two young Irish immigrants. He was born and spent his early childhood in the great city of Chicago.


He lives with his wife, kids, and 3 dogs. O'Donnell has published self-help books under different pen names and made Amazon's "Best Sellers List." Hobbies include physical fitness, travel, riding motorcycles, and shenanigans.

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