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Technical consultant for crime and police procedure authors and screenwriters.

Welcome to my website. I'm a professional author and a police sergeant in one of the largest cities in the United States.  I believe I have a unique insight to help you write more authentic and accurate crime stories.

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Field Training

New Release!

Army veteran Michael Collins is looking for a new start after a personal tragedy.

Now a recruit officer fresh out of the police academy, Michael has taken his first step in becoming a Milwaukee Police Officer.

His next hurdle is passing twelve weeks of field training in the most dangerous part of town.

Welcome to the Brew City Blues.

Gangsters, sex workers, murderers, and thieves are just the external elements he will have to deal with to make it through field training. Michael is thrown into the fast-moving pace of a rookie’s life that takes him inside the lives of cops, criminals, victims, and their families.

Twenty-hour workdays and the department’s internal affairs unit making him feel like he has a bullseye on his back adds to the pressure.

Can this army vet with a troubled past survive the toughest part of his training in the Milwaukee Police Department and come to terms with the heartbreak from his past?

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Patrick O'Donnell is the product of two young Irish immigrants. He was born and spent his early childhood in the great city of Chicago.


He lives with his wife, kids, and 3 dogs. O'Donnell has published self-help books under different pen names and made Amazon's "Best Sellers List." Hobbies include physical fitness, travel, riding motorcycles, and shenanigans.

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